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Arabian Center for Consultation

Arabian Center for Consultation

Economic and Financial Consultations:

  1. Preparation of feasibility studies for new projects and expansions of existing projects (economic, marketing, financial).
  2. Financial valuation and fair value determination according to various methods of evaluation (in cases of participation, and in cases of acquisition, transfer or liquidation).
  3. Financial and economic consultations and technical studies related to financial structuring and development, and follow up the execution thereof.
  4. Field and sectoral studies and researches.


Administrative and Strategic Consultations:

  1. Administrative and organizational evaluation, provision of administrative consultancy related to organizational and administrative development and follow up on the execution thereof; design and development of administrative and organizational structures, drafting of job descriptions and payroll structuring, and design of programs of performance evaluation of the staff.
  2. Setting up strategies for businesses and orientation thereof toward vision of strategic goals; orientation of the work team towards analyzing strategic goals into interim objective; deduction of ideas for forming action plans and executive programs, as well as the required drafting of planning budgets and formation of program for execution follow up aiming at realizing the strategic goals.
  3. Human resources works related to selection or professional qualifications in administrative and financial fields for our clients, whether within the Kingdom of abroad,  following cutting edge methods of solicitation and appointment; training of financial and administrative staff through specialized applied courses to raise the level of efficiency, develop training plans and identify training needs.
  4. Specialization in family corporate structuring and organization in a manner ensuring its growth and continuity along with developing programs for maintaining the social bonds with the economic development and maximizing owners' rights.
  5. Preparation of strategies for commercial entities and creation of a future strategic vision for them; along with analyzing the strategic goals of the vision.


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