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About us:

Al-Hamli & Partners is a professional company that has been established for more than 40 years, in 1979 and offers its service across a range of areas including Audit , Tax planning and Zakat.

Our Story:


Abdullah Al-Hamli Office, CPA & Consultant, established.

Arab Center for Consultation established.



Partners with IPG Global.

Abdullah Al-Hamli's office turned into a professional company under the name Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Hamli & Partner Company in 2016.



The firm became a partner of MGI WORLDWIDE, one of the world's largest management consulting firms, and changed its name to Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Hamli & Partners Co.

Utilizing CASEWARE for electronic audit.



The firm has been certified to ISO 9001: 2015.

Our vision:

Our aim is to be one of the largest companies offering a broad range of professional services to clients at a level of professionalism that match the Saudi working environment and comply with Saudi traditions and regulations.

Our mission:

Adding value to our customers by providing professional services characterized by quality, efficiency, and effectiveness, through continuous communication with our customers, as well as adherence to international standards of professional performance.

Our values

Creativity and innovation


Invest in people

Professional ethics

Solid reputation

Win-win cooperation

Efficiency in performance

Trustworthiness & transparency

A solid brand of consultants known
for offering outstanding
solutions to all sectors.

Team with extensive experience

Expertise to provide integrated solutions.

Excellent position on the global market.

Strong relationships with clients
that encourage continued work with them
and lead to gaining other clients.

Developing expertise through international partnership.

Local relationships with prestigious clients.

Our Beanches