Audit Sector

Audit services include:

External Audit Services:

We are committed to providing high quality audit services that add value to our clients as our approach that combines the MGI WORLDWIDE audit methodology, with a highly experienced team from various industries.
Furthermore, we are investing in technology to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness using the CASEWARE program, which not only allows us to meet the expectations of our customers, but also go beyond them to a smart audit by designing a program for each audit that matches their specific needs.

Internal Audit Services:

Internal audit represents the cornerstone of compliance with regulations and regulations. In Al-Hamali & Partners, we offer internal audit services that can be provided as an external source or as a joint source to preform in-house audit functions, which helps the audit committee, or the board of directors obtain assurance about risk management, control and governance.
Through the use of consultants and from different sectors and in accordance with COSO framework.

Bookkeeping and accounting services:

Bookkeeping involves the detailed recording of all financial transactions and the maintaining of accurate records of all the activities. The bookkeeping is essential to calculate zakat, filing tax returns and complying with the regulations of the governing bodies. In Al-Hamali & Partners we assist our client in setting up a reliable and integrated accounting system that provide reliable accounting reports that help in year end audit and preparing tax returns efficiently and effectively.