Professional Services Sector

Zakat, taxes, and other professional services:

Changing practices, requirements of governing bodies, and regulations governing zakat and tax make it difficult for professional dealing with these variables.
We at Al-Hamli & Co. provides a wide range of advisory solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of zakat/taxpayers, and minimize the risks involved in tax or zakat obligations. We also help zakat/taxpayers deal with the unexpected audit that may rise from the governmental authorities.

These solutions are outlined below:

Providing zakat and income tax services:

Qualitative Tax Services:

Value Added Tax Consulting:

Value Added Tax is an indirect tax levied on all goods and services that are bought and sold by companies with some exceptions. Over 160 countries levy value-added taxes, as they are a major source of income that strengthens a country’s budget. Al-Hamli & Partners provides value-added tax advice related to reviewing and filing returns, as well as drafting memoranda of value-added tax objections; Represent the taxpayer before relevant committees.

Transaction Pricing:

Transaction pricing refers to pricing of transactions between related individuals or groups under common control, and the purpose of transaction pricing instructions is to ensure adherence to the principle of neutral pricing, which means that the price of transactions between related individuals or groups under common control should be the same as a transaction between independent parties. For this purpose, Al-Hamli and Partners are studying the pricing of transactions with related persons and preparing an appropriate local file for companies using international best practices in this area.

Withholding Tax and Excise Tax:

A withholding tax is a tax withheld by a specific percentage from the income of non-residents who provide services and generate income in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Excise tax is imposed on products that are likely to cause health problems and subsequently increase medical expenses, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, cigarettes and tobacco products. In Al-Hamali & Co. have experts that can provide you with withholding tax and excise tax consultations, drafting memoranda of objections to withholding tax and selective tax, and representing the taxpayer before the relevant committees.

Corporate Reporting:

We offer financial and accounting expertise services in cases, arbitration, and specialized reports, as well as advice on judicial receivership, since Al-Hamli & Co. has a number of expert departments in commercial and public courts, as well as a khibrah platform.

Incorporation, transfer, amendment of corporate contracts and liquidation:

Company incorporation services:

Implementing and completing all the processes for creating companies and institutions, from completing the incorporation documents to determining a type of organization best suited to founders' and partners' goals, and ending with the delivery of the commercial register and obtaining a legal personality for the company.

Providing services for amending articles of association and commercial registers:

We do all the services of amendments to the articles of association and the commercial register of company, as well as consulting services for liquidation or merger and transfer to other legal entities.

Bankruptcy, financial reorganization and liquidation services: